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Boudoir Photography

We're here for your special boudoir requests, whether it's sexy, erotic, glamour, artistic nude, fine art centerfold, lingerie, or fantasy art photography.  The professional boudoir photography at Rebel Star Studios serving Las Vegas and Pahrump Nevada resembles the sexy magazine layouts except it's your personal copy.  Treat yourself to the ultimate photo session.  You deserve it.

What is Boudoir Photography

The fine art of boudoir glamour photography at Rebel Star Studios is an artistic creation.  The result is intimate lingerie portraits or an artistic nude photo that reflects fine art centerfold style photography.

Preparation goes into each and every photo session to create the ultimate atmosphere that is both relaxing and comfortable.

Depending upon your requests, complete Hollywood style sets can be created.  We do have an extensive collection of interior sets as well as a complete exterior backlot to serve your boudoir photography requirements.

The professional boudoir photographer makes your feel completely relaxed.  He takes special care in lighting the shots as well as collaborating on posing to create the ultimate centerfold look.

Rebel Star Studios has an extensive collection of lights that are used in boudoir photography.  They are exactly the same that are used in major movie productions.  Have fun being the center of attention - just like a movie star.  The result is outstanding boudoir portraits.

Rebel Star Studios serving Las Vegas Nevada and Pahrump Nevada.

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Studio Location: Pahrump Nevada ~ Las Vegas Nevada ~ Scottsdale AZ

Mailing:  9101 W. Sahara Avenue Suite #105-178 Las Vegas Nevada 89117

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